East Side Stencils

Someone’s been hitting up the East Side with stencils and spray paint!

Put Down The Bourgeouisie

Trans Folks For Black Liberation

Convict, Defund, Abolish The Police

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Hey all, haven’t been posting for a minute been busy with life and things…

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Justice 4 George Floyd: Milwaukee, Wi

Image from instagram account for @colorofchange
Community Task Force MKE is hosting a rally demanding justice for George Floyd, who was murdered by the Minneapolis PD. Let your voice be heard and you position be known!
The rally will take place on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society (2620 W Center St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206) the corner of North 27th and West Center Streets.
Image from instagram account for @colorofchange
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Rally Against Systematic Racism—George Floyd Tribute: Appleton, Wi

Rest In Power George Floyd!
Join the rally in Appleton, Wi this coming Saturday to let your the people know — the systematic, racial oppression and state sponsored genocide of people of color must end immediately!
George’s murder by the Minneapolis PD on Monday May 25th 2020 has resulted in an incredibly powerful and inspiring presence in the streets by the community and people of Minneapolis—to support their efforts, show up to stand in solidarity with them and against the racist organizations that are this country’s police departments (details below). If you are able to support the people on the ground monetarily, here is a bail fund being hosted by the Minnesota Freedom Fund.
Share this story, say his name, demand a better world—it is possible!
Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 7:00 PM CDT
Houdini Plaza — 111 W College Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911
RSVP on fedbook here.
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No Safe Cops; Rest in Power George Floyd—Milwaukee, Wi

In remembrance of George Floyd, who’s life was stolen by Minneapolis PD, some anarchists painted the town with his name. George’s death has sparked riots in the streets of Minneapolis and we stand by our comrades who are taking to the streets.

The 3rd precinct police station has been destroyed, and a number of stores on the strip have been looted and burned.

If support of all the people in the streets fighting the state, if you are unable to be present for whatever reason, please donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund here.

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ACAB Stencil: Riverwest, Milwaukee

We received these photos this morning.

Time to realize that there’s no one here for us, but us.

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To Minneapolis, with Love and Solidarity

(photo credit instagram account @roar_ara)

(photo credit instagram account @roar_ara)

(photo credit instagram account @unicorn.riot)


To everyone in the streets in MPLS:

Stay strong and be safe,

With Love and Solidarity,

Riot MKE

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Cancel Rent Light Show: Milwaukee, Wi

Cancel Rent: City Hall Entrance, @MKEMATU (twitter)

For May Day a couple anarchists travelled around downtown Milwaukee to give the city a light show in support of the efforts put forth by the Milwaukee Area Tenants Union. The message to cancel rent was blasted across several buildings downtown, most notably the BMO building and city hall.

MATU has been working hard on mutual aid projects and spreading the word that the people need a bailout, not the banks. You can keep up with their work by following them on twitter @MKEMATU instagram @mkeautonomoustenantsunion. If you want to get involved, check out their website here.

Cancel Rent on the City Hall Tower, @MKEMATU (twitter)

Letting BMO Know, @MKEMATU (twitter)

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Dontre Day 2020: Red Arrow Park, Milwaukee

On Dontre Day, Thursday, April 30th, at 5:30 p.m., Mothers for Justice United called a gathering at Red Arrow Park, 920 N. Water St., Milwaukee, for a “Car March”. In accordance with good social distancing practices, they drove together around Red Arrow Park, in honor of Dontre’s caring spirit.

Dontre Hamilton’s legacy in our Milwaukee community and beyond is one of CARE for each other. This year marks the 6th anniversary of his death in Red Arrow Park at the hands of Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney.

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Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union’s Day of Action

A note sent from the Milwaukee Area Tenants Union:

Today is the Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union’s day of action to #CancelRent! Show you support by putting a white sheet or banner out your window, take a photo of it, and post it on Twitter and Facebook, then tweet it at @MKEMATU with hashtags #CancelRent and #CancelMortgages. It’s really fast, it only takes maybe ten minutes. Let’s build this movement!


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